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  • Mark Walbank

Why did we develop Boobsta® CRM/ATM business management software?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Maybe you are a bank that runs thousands of branch and non-branch ATMs? Perhaps, you are an ATM deployer that runs a fleet from tens of ATMs to thousands of ATMs? Maybe you are a credit union or a building society with a small fleet of ATMs?

From our conversations with Australian deployers and some banks, we realised that they used a mixture of paper-based processes, rudimentary off-the-shelf CRM software and spreadsheets to manage their customer relations, ATM technical maintenance and back-of-house management operations.

We have had discussions with some overseas banks, and the situation does not seem different.

We started the same way. Back then, in early 2010, we dreaded the thought of having to calculate complex payment/rebate structures on which our customers were on. While we ran a tiny fleet of ATMs at that time, it took days to calculate how accurately to pay our customers their rebates using spreadsheets with complicated formulas built in it for every customer.

Back-of-house ATM management operations can be highly time-consuming, complex, labour resource-intensive, prone to human errors, usually conducted in an IT environment consisting of multiple and disparate information silos. As a result, these processes lead to tremendous inefficiencies, lost data, lack of one view of the customer's data and corrupted data.

Paper-based processes lack overall visibility and become time-intensive to retrospectively audit, while spreadsheet-based processes are not easily replicable, scalable, and lack data integrity.

A generic CRM software is inadequate for the specific purposes of managing ATM businesses, since it does not integrate well with other types of IT systems and databases needed to run ATM deployment business operations. Consequently, inefficient ATM management operations lead to delivering a cumbersome and cost-ineffective service that puts great administrative and emotional stress on merchants and employees of ATM deployment businesses, banks, credit unions, and building societies alike.

For these reasons, a small ATM company like ours prioritised optimising our operations by developing Boobsta®, an integrated CRM and ATM business management software to deliver our services in a very efficient, correct, quick, profitable, and reliable way.

Boobsta® is a cloud-based cross-platform, relational database and automated data aggregation, enterprise resource planning, document storage, accounting and distribution platform. It integrates several internal (CRM and ATM business management databases, sales process tools, automated calculation of rebates, automated generation of invoices, and automated bulk payments of rebates), various automated tools and 3rd party systems' integrations into a single data engine. In addition, the software integrates with any off-the-shelf accounting software.

Employees of Mandrake.ATM can access this application on any authorised desktop or laptop (using either Windows or macOS) anywhere and anytime. The chief administrator assigns various levels of access to the software to different employees on a need-to-know basis. At the same time, it allows business owners or boards to have a birds-eye view of the whole ATM fleet operations and profitability.

Boobsta® is entirely scalable and easily customisable. It can run ATM fleets consisting of tens of ATMs to thousands of ATMs effortlessly. Rather than having multiple employees running your ATM business from different information silos, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on wages each year for employees doing manual or partially automated work from different information silos. You can focus your energy on more productive uses of your labour force, one that directly grows your business.

In our case, one person manages our whole fleet, barely doing 6-8 hours of work a week to manage 50 ATMs.

Imagine what Boobsta® can do for your business?

In order to protect our intellectual property, there is no actual image or video of Boobsta® shown on this website. We are very happy to arrange a Zoom live demonstration of the software.


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