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Mandrake.ATM is an ATM deployer and software developer that specialises in providing intelligent ATM solutions for merchants and ATM deployers and financial institutions, operating in challenging business, operational, logistical and telecommunications environments. We provide bundled products and services. We sell and lease ATM hardware, and provide ATM maintenance. We provide transaction processing and communication with the EFT system.


We offer proprietary CRM/ATM software allowing our customers to manage their ATM accounts and execute customer-facing ATM management operations with precision, reliability, and a minimum of manual human input at any time and from any device using any operating system.

Boobsta® is a digital platform that enables end-to-end digitisation and automation of all core ATM business functions and processes from sales, marketing, customer relation management, ATM management and maintenance, finance, accounting and bulk electronic payments.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the administrative burden involved in our customers managing their ATM businesses.

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St Lucia, Queensland, Australia


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