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Integrated CRM/ATM business management software

Our Software, Your Freedom

Since we started our ATM business (Mandrake.ATM) in 2004, we have become masters of our craft. Now, we want to share the secrets of that craft with you. With Boobsta®, a fully integrated CRM system and ATM business management IT system, we are committed to dramatically reducing the administrative burden associated with running your ATM deployment business. With the high-level automation of routine daily ATM business management tasks that Boobsta® offers, you will dramatically reduce the time you spend doing admin work and create exceptional cost efficiencies. You no longer will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ATM business management admin work.  As a result, you will regain your life-work balance.  You will also be able to stay focused on the work that matters most: growing your ATM business and managing your ATM deployment business more smartly. We are confident that it will become your close friend. 

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More About Boobsta®

It all began with a group of people who resolved to radically reduce the administrative burden associated with running their ATM deployment enterprise. So, we started something completely new. We had a great vision, a passion for change and the right skills to find the right people to bring our vision together. Together, we developed Boobsta®, a bespoke CRM/ATM business management software offering cutting-edge solutions and providing great efficiencies through automation. So kick your shoes off and fall in love with your work again. To learn more, browse through our site or contact us directly.

Boobsta® is an exclusive software. We will offer it only to a very limited number of ATM deployment enterprises.

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Save substantial amounts of money, time, headaches, frustrations and annoyances that come with running an ATM deployment company. Work with laser-like precision. The list of benefits below is far from an exhaustive list of benefits that come with using our software. You will be surprised how much more relaxed you and your workplace will become with Boobsta®.

Save significant amounts of time

Dramatically reduce the time you spend on completing tasks managing your prospects, current clients and running your ATM fleet. Accurately calculate merchant ATM rebates within minutes. Issue monthly invoices with a press of a button. Email those invoices to your clients with a click of a button. Rather than paying each client separately at the end of the month, pay all your customers with one bulk payment with a press of a button. Tasks that take days or many hours to complete, with Boobsta® get completed within seconds to minutes.

Save significant amounts of money by reducing your admin workforce

Tasks that are currently performed by many staff using paper-based processes, multiple software programs and spreadsheets, with our software those tasks can be completed by one or two staff depending on the size of your fleet. There is no need to employ multiple employees to run business admin tasks from different information silos. Boobsta® integrates all disparate information silos at your typical ATM deployer or a financial institution. You can save multiple annual salaries each year using our software. You can redirect resources from employing administrative office workers to increasing your sales and marketing budget, including employing people who will help you grow your business.

Everything in one place

Eliminate frustrations when customers ask you for an invoice from last year or want a copy of their ATM operations agreement. There is no longer any need to rummage for documents stored in various places, whether paper folders or some basic CRM software package. With our software, every document you need to run your ATM business is stored and easily accessible in one place, Boobsta®. You will be able to respond to many customer requests with unparalleled speed and ease.

Run your business from anywhere 

Owners and staff alike can run their ATM business tasks from anywhere with our software. If your dream is to turn your ATM deployment enterprise into a lifestyle business, Boobsta® can make that dream a reality. With COVID-19 dramatically changing working habits, the traditional business office is becoming redundant. Work from the safety of your home and spend more time with your loved ones, grab your device to a cafe or park, and do your work. Boobsta® is designed for a decentralised and spatially distanced workforce. Owners and administrative managers keep control of what modules of data are visible to which employees. You can save significant amount of money by downsizing your office or eliminating it altogether.

Services at Boobsta®

We are absolutely committed to making running your ATM business a breeze.

Office Consultation

Consultation on how we can best help you

We will have an extensive conversation on how we can make Boobsta® work best for you. The more we know about your business the better we will be able to advise you.

Request a live Zoom call

We will be very happy to give you a live demonstration of the many functions of Boobsta®. We are sure you will be impressed.

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Remote onboarding of the software on your devices

Together with our partners, we will remotely install our software on your devices. Our software is compatible with all operating systems.

Ongoing technical support

With our technical support team, you can rest assured that you will be supported with any issue you encounter operating our software.

Help Center

Constantly evolving

Boobsta® is a constantly evolving application that has been developed using Scrum. Scrum is an agile software development methodology that brings together end-users of the system and software developers in close and ongoing collaboration to rapidly develop, inspect and adapt in a real ATM business environment all of the functions our software performs.

For this reason, we can offer customisations of our software to meet our customers' specific needs. 

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